Are you Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced learner?

Are you studing Italian for specific purposes?

Choose the best time for you to have lessons via SKYPE, timetable can be arranged and very flexible .

Good price guaranted.

On line learning is efficient and fun

Do you want to combine holiday and culture?

During your stay in this amazing area you can get familiar with Italian language, simple daily life expressions and you can also focus on the right pronunciation

and intonation or you can improve your Italian language knowledge in a real life situation (going for shooping, asking information.....)

The teacher can assist you in any moment and you can even choose to go sightseeing with the teacher!!

Do not forget we are located in a splendid city with amazing tourist sights.

So you can learn Italian but at the same time you can discover unforgettable places in which time has preserved the antique beauty of the Greek Roman era.

The warm hospitality of native people and mediterranean flavour will make your

study and holiday vacation an amazing experience.

Cultural enrichment is insured while you study Italian in Italy!!!!

 I'll be very happy to be your personal teacher. I'm a qualified teacher of foreign language. I have been teaching English and French in Italian schools since 1986 and at the moment I'm teaching English. 

Contact if interested and once I personalize your Italian language lesson I will be able to give you the best rate.


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