Do you want to find out

who are your ancestors?

Or where did your grandparents live?

Or would you like to go and discover the village or the town where you were born?

Are you interested in searching existing relatives in this area?

We can help you to discover it.


And the most important thing is that once you are here we accompany you on sites of your interest.

Moreover we are at disposal for the whole day for on site searches ( visit to the municipality, local parish ....) in order to obtain copies of birth, death and marriage certificates., and possibly photographs of selected venues...


Obviously we cannot guarantee what or how many records will be found but we can assure you that every effort will be made to find out as many information as possible .


Fees vary depending on time spent and distance from the base town of the researcher or of the base town you are staying on holiday.


If you are interested, please contact us and expain with details about what and who you want research and in which place. Then we will answer you as soon as possible to quote it and let you know the estimated time for you to expect results.


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